The top 5 reasons why people opt for tattoo removal treatments Demo

In a recent survey in America, approximately 40% of Americans between the age of 18 and 29 sport some form of ink.

The publication Modern Salon believes that the increase in tattoos in America is because attitudes towards tattoos and people with tattoos have become overwhelmingly positive.

And its not surprising when you consider the number of celebrities, both in and UK and US who have tattoos.

According to the survey, many people have a positive attitude towards tattoos with 50% describing them as artistic and creative, 43% seeing them as interesting and 29% viewing them as fashionable and cool.

But, despite the positive attitudes by people towards tattoo, the survey found that 40% of people with a tattoo have some “ink regret” and the top 5 reasons for tattoo remove are:

1. Related to an ex-partner (64%)

2. Done as a joke or when drunk (50%)

3. Faded or blurred appearance (29%)

4. Badly done (27%)

5. Don’t like it anymore (27%)

The reality is that different people will consider having their tattoo removed for different reasons and if you’re considering laser tattoo removal in Ipswich, we advise that you get in touch to book a free consultation with a member of our friendly team.

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