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Safe laser treatment for infected finger or toe nails

Treating fungal nails with laser light is one of the newer innovations we offer, and it’s been very successful on infections under 3 years old, where 5 or fewer nails are affected.  While laser treatment for fungal nail infections is relatively new, it’s carried out using an Nd:YAG laser, which we’ve been using safely for 10 years. It’s actually the same machine we use for hair removal on darker skin types, carrying out thousands of successful treatments. Other clinics might offer similar procedures, but they can’t match our experience – and who would you rather have pointing a laser at you?

How it works 

The laser uses very short pulses of light to heat up the fungal spores in the nail to the point that the infection is killed, while the rest of the nail is unharmed. We repeat the treatment once a month until the infection grows out. Nails grow slowly, especially if they’ve been compromised by a fungal infection, so it will take some time, and you’ll need to be meticulous about throwing away footwear and clothing that could be providing a home for the infection and tgus re-infect you, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.


This treatment is most effective on infections which are limited to 5 or fewer nails and have been infected for less than 3 years.  Nails should be pared back and thinned by a chiropodist before we treat.


Fungal Nail treatment from £55

*results may vary from person to person