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Thanks to advances in laser technology and a sizeable investment by Health Counts on a range of the most proven clinical lasers, we can now treat thread veins on both the face and legs.

Whether it’s fine traceable veins or a diffuse network which looks like a blush, or even the little red dots called cherry angiomas, one of our two vascular lasers can sort them out! Once we’ve seen yours in the flesh to determine their suitability for laser removal, we can decide which of our vascular lasers is best for your type of unwanted thread veins.

One is a pulsed dye laser and the other is a long pulsed Nd:YAG. Both devices produce light at a wavelength which is preferentially absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin in red blood cells, within the veins in your skin. In the case of the Nd:YAG, this light absorption effectively causes the vein contents to coagulate so that the blood can no longer pass through, whilst simultaneously sealing the vessel off. Whereas absorption of light from the pulsed dye laser causes the tiny vessels themselves to shatter. No matter which would be more appropriate for you, the first step is to have your initial assessment consultation (no charge) with our Vascular Nurse or one of our Vascular Laser Therapists.

Our vascular clinics are held from 9.30am up until 8pm on Tues, Weds and Thursdays and also alternate Saturdays. Patients have the option to take a mini test treatment (£40) if they choose after their consultation so that they can see how effective it is. That way, you’ll know exactly how good your outcome is going to be.

  • Thorough and informative consultation by one of our specialists to assess your particular issues AT NO CHARGE
  • Option to have a mini-treatment so you can see how well it works for yourself
  • No downtime and quick results