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If you find yourself ruining clothes or being embarrassed about dark sweat stains on your tops, it’s worth coming to see us to get the problem sorted.

You’d be hard pushed to find a clinic with more experience or expert credentials than ours – we’ve provided this service for over a decade! Treatments are ALWAYS carried out by one of our medically qualified practitioners  by injecting tiny amounts of Botox  just under the skin to stop the nerves from telling your skin to sweat. Health Counts has carried out thousands of these types of procedures over the years and has a huge list of very happy regular patients.

As a specialist aesthetic and laser clinic, not a salon, we are also registered by the Care Quality Commission which is a rare piece of extra reassurance and security for patients these days.
The CQC oversees all NHS and independent hospitals so we are being judged by stringent national yardsticks and carry full medical indemnity.

Because it’s important that you know in advance what might be the most suitable treatment for you, we always provide a free of charge initial consultation with our clinician so she can assess your condition and carry out a simple starch and iodine test which shows her exactly where your overactive sweat glands are.

One simple 20 minute treatment can stop you sweating for up to a year! We only use the most effective top quality form of Botox which is especially good at stopping sweating. Despite using the most expensive products and our immense experience and expertise, we provide highly competitive prices which are incredible value for money.

  • Thorough and informative assessment consultation with our medically qualified staff to assess your particular case and offer advice AT NO CHARGE
  • Spectacular track record of happy regular patients who are thrilled with their results
  • Thousands of successful treatments carried out by Health Counts since 2005,