Laser Tattoo Removal

“I finally decided to go ahead and book to have laser tattoo removal on a foot tattoo I had some years ago. A friend recommended Health Counts to me, and I booked in for a consultation. I’ve now just had my fifth session and I cannot praise HealthCounts enough. They are professional yet extremely friendly and made me feel at such ease. Looking forward to going back for my next session!”

Hollie Smith

Longest running tattoo removal clinic in East Anglia

Health Counts now has over 25 years of experience in laser tattoo removal, so this is an area at we which have become truly expert. We have 3 different Q-switched lasers specifically dedicated to tattoo removal depending on the colours in the tattoos. Generally, however, if a tattoo is all blue/black then we’d probably use the Q-switched Ruby laser. Darker skin colours need our Q-switched Nd YAG laser. Reds respond to our KTP laser. We are able to remove single letters or small portions of a tattoo as we can use a 3mm spot size.

The number of treatments needed to remove the tattoos depends on how quickly you want them gone, as they will continue to fade for up to a year after being lasered.

The most powerful lasers

Because our lasers are powerful medical grade devices we’re licensed and inspected by the Government's Care Quality Commission. This enables us to use lasers that are far more effective than the cheap lightweight third world made ones you may read about on-line or in a tattoo parlour. Our lasers would thus get the job done in fewer treatments as well as providing you with the reassurance of medical indemnity.

To arrange a confidential, friendly consultation that is totally free and without obligation or to receive a Patient Guide fully explaining the process, please contact us on 01473 250233 or via our website email service.

After a free consultation we can confirm a fixed price