Port Wine Stains

“My Port Wine mark is nearly gone after 4 treatments. Really happy” - Keith T

Port wine stains are birthmarks which can be anywhere on the body, although they are more commonly found on the head or neck.  A port wine stain is a vascular birthmark caused by abnormal development of blood vessels in the skin. A port wine stain is sometimes referred to as a capillary malformation. A port wine stain is a flat, red or purple mark on the skin that is present at birth.

The treatment of choice to fade these lesions is a course of Pulsed Dye laser therapy using an N-Lite laser.  The laser light is preferentially absorbed by the blood which causes the tiny vessels in the port wine stain to shatter into small particles which are easily broken down by the body.  For a few days after the treatment, patients will note that the stain takes on a purple appearance (purpura) and this will clear over subsequent days.  Port wine stains can take several treatments to clear completely depending on a number of factors including age, intensity, location etc.

Our Medical Director, GMC registered Dr Sandy De ‘Ath is the clinician who conducts all of our port wine stain removal treatments.  If you are interested in getting port wine stain treatment, the next step would be to arrange an initial consultation (no charge) so she can assess your case.

Dr Sandy’s clinics are held every Thursday until around 7.30 pm and some Saturdays.

Test treatment from £75

*results may vary from person to person