Laser hair removal

“This is a beautiful clinic with a wonderful team of very professional and sympathetic staff who will only offer you the best treatment for your needs. I would not even think of going elsewhere. Their laser hair removal system is especially fabulous!!” – Julie Wyatt

Best results, fewest treatments

Because we specialise in skin laser treatments (we are not a salon but actually registered with the CQC as an independent skin laser hospital) we own powerful clinical lasers which are not available in salons or other unregulated establishments. This absolutely does not mean that you pay more; in fact, it will be less, as you will need fewer treatments with our devices. 

For additional piece of mind, it’s good to know that Health Counts has been hand-picked by the NHS to provide specialist hair removal treatments for NHS patients, and that we are indeed a Registered Supplier to the NHS.

We have 2 lasers for hair removal depending on skin colour so we can treat the palest freckled skin to the very darkest black. We can remove hair by laser from every area of the body excepting close to the eyes, as long as the hair contains some pigment, and the treatment is incredibly effective, even in killing off in-growing hairs for good.

Suppliers of laser hair removal to the NHS

Discounted packages are also available and we can work out additional discounts for multiple areas. Patients will need between 5 and 8 treatments over perhaps 4 months to a year for maximum long-term clearance. You can expect to leave the clinic hair free, and stay hair free between treatments, as the laser kills the root for any hair which is actively growing on the day we laser them.

The next step is to have your initial assessment consultation (no charge) where we can explain everything and confirm a price and then if that looks good we will go on to carry out sizeable test patches on the areas that you’re thinking of having treated so you can see what it will be like before going ahead.

To arrange a confidential, friendly consultation that’s totally free and without obligation or to receive a Patient Guide fully explaining the process, please contact us on 01473 250233 or by email.


Please get in touch to book your free consultation. 

Prices start from £55

Discounted packages are also available on multiple treatments

* Results vary by person.