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My skin was showing amazing improvement after only 24 hours!” *  – Joanne D, Claydon.

The N-Lite pulsed dye laser was initially developed as an Anti-Ageing device as it helps to stimulate collagen growth and improve blood supply, which leads to better nourished and healthier, rejuvenated looking skin. More importantly, subsequent research by a leading UK Acne Dermatologist, Professor Tony Chu, has shown that a wide range of bacteria and viruses are instantly killed by N-Lite’s wavelength of light (585 nm). A full clinical trial carried out by Professor Chu at Imperial College London showed that over a twelve week period, the number of active lesions dropped dramatically and in fact, reduced even after just one N-Lite laser treatment.

This wavelength also stimulates a strong anti-inflammatory and healing response in the skin so the combined effects really help to control and reduce, or even stop live acne in its tracks!

Additionally, Health Counts has a range of clinical strength products and washes which when combined with N-Lite treatment, can really help to get acneic skin back to skin you can be proud of!

Following a free initial in depth consultation, you have the option to take trial treatment (£75) so you can see how good your outcome is going to be!

*results may vary from person to person

  • Kill the acne causing bacteria
  • Stimulate the collagen to fill up pitted scars
  • Reduce & clear redness and inflammation
  • Speed up the healing process dramatically

  • Thorough and informative consultation by one of our specialists to assess your particular issues AT NO CHARGE
  • Option to have a test -treatment so you can see how well it works for yourself
  • No downtime and quick results – see an improvement in as little as 24 hours



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mike regola after tattoo removal 2

*results may vary from person to person