"Such a professional company, I still received a warm welcome in these strange times. The safety procedures are excellent and I felt safe as soon as I walked in". Claire M. 22nd July 2020 


Before entry to the clinic, you'll need to fill out our PRE-APPOINTMENT QUESTIONNAIRE  (no more than 48 hours before your appointment) and submit it so we know you're as Covid free as possible. It only takes 30 seconds but it keeps you and us safe. 

During the pandemic Health Counts will provide you with a safe environment which is compliant with Government guidelines and our own CQC and clinical regulations.


 ✔ We have undertaken a thorough review of our clinic and the services we offer.  Some of our usual facilities will be limited, such as the loo & water machine and no leaflets or magazines will be laid out. Your visit time in the clinic will be kept to the minimum to minimise your exposure to risk.

✔ We have rearranged our waiting, reception and treatment areas to adhere to social distancing guidelines

✔ All surfaces and points of physical contact (eg card machine etc) throughout the clinic will be cleaned regularly and wiped with the appropriate virus killing cleaning product between each treatment. Staff and clients will make frequent use of virus killing hand gel.

✔ All items of equipment will be cleaned before and after every treatment. This includes all metal instruments, mark up crayons etc

✔ One-use disposable items will be used where necessary (sustainable alternatives used where possible)

✔ We will ensure adequate ventilation throughout the clinic with doors and windows open where possible between treatments (room 2) and via newly installed air extraction in both treatment rooms.

✔ When booking and admitting patients we will be screening very heavily indeed to prevent anyone with any risk of infection from entering the premises, whether they are staff or patients/clients


✔ We have conducted thorough risk assessments to enable us to write protocols which will be disseminated amongst staff  to ensure all team members care for our patients and clients in a safe, hygienic and professional manner using the correct PPE for the treatment we are able provide.

✔ Staff have undertaken training in both the use of chemicals to clean and destroy potential viral sources of cross infection (Barbicides) and completed a course qualifying them in Professional Standards in Hygiene related to Covid-19 giving a detailed background to the surrounding issues as well as cross-infection control measures.

✔ Staff have been trained to adapt each element of your visit to uphold best practice, including hygiene and safety

✔We have agreed social distancing for our team in communal staff areas

✔ Staff are briefed to uphold safe standards while dealing with responsibilities at reception


✔ We have reviewed our treatment menu and have removed treatments where necessary (eg fungal nail) and we reserve the right to temporarily withdraw treatments if new advice or regulations are forthcoming.

✔ Our practitioners will wear gloves, masks, visors, scrubs and other personal protective equipment (PPE) during ALL treatments.

✔ Our practitioners will sanitise their hands and don fresh gloves & apron before each patient treatment

✔ Your practitioner will stay with you throughout your treatment and avoid leaving the room where possible to reduce the need to replace PPE and to minimise infection risks


✔ When we book you in, we’ll be sending you a confirmation email including a link to this COMMITMENT list. The day before your appointment we will send another link to a brief questionnaire that we’ll want you to fill in and submit. These questions relate to your state of health and detailing any changes. This means we have your assurance that so far, you’re as COVID free as you can knowingly be, and that you agree to be treated under the conditions we’ve outlined on the questionnaire. You MUST complete this before your appointment (it takes 1 minute max) or you may not be allowed to enter the clinic.

✔ We will greet you warmly at your appointed time – we’re so pleased to see you - but without a handshake or personal contact. The front door will be bolted, so you’ll gain access by pressing our buzzer and we’ll ask your name and re-confirm your health status and then let you in. You will be expected to use the foot-pump dispensed hand gel immediately on entry.

✔ We’ll be taking your temperature with a remote checker on arrival. If it’s at or above 37.8c we cannot let you come in. We’ll ask you to call 111 for advice.  

✔ When viable, we’ll take you straight to the treatment room to avoid no more than 2 clients in waiting area. If there is a brief wait, the area is arranged to adhere to social distancing with white crosses on seats you should avoid. 

✔ The toilet will be closed except to patients whose treatments exceed 60 minutes. We can make  exceptions but only at the manager’s discretion as they will need de-contaminating after use

✔ We will stagger customer arrival times to minimise close contact allowing 10 -15 minutes extra between treatments

✔ We will wipe down the points which get touched in the reception area hourly, and the credit card machine with every use. You’ll need to use our hand gel again before keying in your pin number.  

✔ We ask that you pay using card (cash is a viral transmitter). If you have to use money, we cannot give or take change so please bring as close to the exact amount as possible in notes only.


✔ To submit your reply to our questionnaire text which also confirms your appointment. This confirmation means that you agree to abide by our guidance within this document and to confirm that neither you, nor anyone you have been living with or in close contact with, have symptoms of COVID. We may be unable to allow you into the clinic if we have not had this assurance from you.

✔ To arrive with the area to be treated both very recently thoroughly washed AND free from products AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, SHAVED if your treatment is hair removal. We cannot shave patients in clinic during the pandemic. Shaving should be carried out 24 to 48 hours before you arrive. 

✔ To arrive at the time agreed and ALONE, to enable social distancing. Bring minimal baggage and bring YOUR OWN PEN. Early arrivals may need to wait outside and you will need to re-confirm that your COVID status questionnaire still stays at ‘no’ to all key questions.

✔ To avoid arriving in need of the loo. Our toilet will be closed except to those patients whose treatments exceed 60 minutes. We can make exceptions but only at the manager’s discretion as they’ll need sanitising after use.

✔ To wash your hands before you come and use the hand sanitiser provided at the door on arrival & departure and have your temperature checked by us remotely on arrival. A temp at or above 37.8c will mean we have to send you away.

 ✔ To wear face-masks on arrival and at all times in the clinic. Our staff will also be wearing a mask & visor at all times in the treatment room. If the area you wish us to laser is within your mask, you will need to put the mask to one side whilst we laser it, and you will be asked to sign to the effect that you wish us to laser that area for health reasons. You will then be expected to put your mask back on. If you arrive without a mask, we will supply you with a disposable one at £2.

✔ We ask that you record your next appointment on your own phone or notepaper to reduce contact from us

✔ To contact us and re-arrange your appointment, if, on the day of a treatment, ANY of the below apply

        * you have a temperature

        * are feeling unwell

        * any person in your household has the same or is self isolating 




We reserve the right to add to, amend, or adjust these guidelines on government policy and new research to protect the safety of our clients and staff.