Health Counts owns a powerful N-Lite pulsed dye laser which is ideal for sorting out and seeing off cold sores!

There are 2 reasons why the N-Lite is effective in cold sore treatment.  Firstly, the light the laser produces (585 nm) is exceptionally well absorbed by the Herpes Simplex virus; this means that once the light is absorbed, it’s instantly converted to heat in a process called photothermolysis.  Thus, we can get the virus to such a high temperature that it’s killed.  Secondly, this wavelength of light stimulates the healing process in the skin by momentarily changing the oxygen content of the blood (the cyanotic response), also stimulating an anti-inflammatory response which dampens down the irritation and pain caused by the cold sore.

Ideally, you need to get the lesion lasered as quickly as possible as soon as you feel the cold sore threatening.  Many patients report that after having a lesion site lasered as soon as it appears on 6 – 8 occasions, the cold sores no longer returns.  All patients report a rapid improvement in the lesions directly after lasering and a vastly quicker healing time than previously.  The treatment fee of £50 includes a second follow up treatment within 10 days of the first treatment, should the original lesion not be completely gone within that time.

  • Thorough and informative consultation by one of our specialists to assess your particular issues AT NO CHARGE
  • Option to have a treatment straight away so you can see for yourself how well it works
  • No downtime and quick results – see an improvement in as little as 4 hours, often less.