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I’ve tried other types of hair removal at salons and I can honestly say the hair removal lasers at Health Counts knock spots off the others. Highly recommend!  – Veronica W, Felixstowe

At Health Counts, we’ve been carrying out laser hair removal since 2004! So we have a wealth of experience and expertise.

Our lasers are dedicated hair removal machines, not all purpose platforms, diodes or IPL. This means we can get you the best results in fewer treatments than any other device.

We have 2 lasers to enable treating every skin colour on the planet, and both lasers clear away unwanted hair incredibly effectively. Their light penetrates to 4mm deep so at each treatment we can kill off a large proportion of the roots and the attached hairs, even if they are in-growing and haven’t emerged above the skin. Because our lasers do not need to make direct contact with the skin we can get into all sorts of nooks and crannies that other devices can’t.

We’re registered as a Medical Laser Clinic with the CQC, so that means we are externally checked and that our lasers are medical grade and thus much more powerful than other light based devices.

Our hair removal clinics are held from 9.30am up until 8pm on Tues, Weds and Thursdays and also alternate Saturdays. After a FREE initial consultation, patients have the option to have a test patch session (£20) which includes testing as many areas as they like, so that they can see how amazingly effective it is. That way, you’ll know exactly how good your outcome is going to be!

*results may vary from person to person

  • Thorough and informative consultation by one of our specialists to assess your particular issues AT NO CHARGE
  • Option to have a test patch/mini-treatment so you can see how well it works for yourself
  • No downtime and quick results